Why invest in property, in general?

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In the long term, real estate is always a solid investment. The market value may increase within a short period if the property is bought below market value and resold at a higher price (e.g. auction or repossession), or a refurbished property or conversion of a family home to an HMO (mutilet).

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Even when the market turns, real estate is a safe investment. A property doesn’t lose its value, even when the market reaches an absolute nadir.

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It is not just the capital growth that is valuable, real estate rental income finances the investment and generate profits.

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Everyone needs a place to live and work! Housing, retail premises, churches, hairdressers , hospitals, hotels, pubs, restaurants and offices – all of these can’t exist without real estate.

Why invest specifically in UK Property?

A large and dynamic market

Britain is one of Europe’s most populated countries and is the world’s 6th largest economy. With about 65 million inhabitants, the demand for residential, commercial and other real estate is high. 

A stable political system

UK is a well-established democracy with stable processes of law and business. The market is not affected by excessive political or financial instability.

Residential properties with huge potential for improvement

In this very large and dynamic market, there are all kinds of properties.  For investors with a great eye, there are many on offer that could do with a little tender loving care and could become a truly great investment.

Competitive prices for building

The cost to renovate, maintain and develop, is relatively low in the UK. This makes the ability to increase the value, through the refurbishment, of your investment very good.

Excellent systems for property investment

Through an extensive network of agents, for all the services required for successful property investment, it is possible to achieve a passive investment with a satisfactory return.