About Us


Successful real estate investment requires knowledge of how to do research to choose appropriate properties, in suitable areas at appropriate times. UK Family Properties has this knowledge.

Passion and Focus

To succeed requires interest and commitment. Real Estate Investment is the UK Family Properties sole focus and passion.

Loyalty and Good Relations

Investing in UK Family Properties’ means a partnership based on trust. Investors’ capital is treated more conservatively than their own capital and long-term relationships are sought.

Transparency and Flexibility

Investors can choose the degree of personal commitment. It is possible to make a completely passive investment, whilst also being able to choose a higher degree of participation in the investment process . This will be determined by the investor’s preferences.

The Right Contacts – Safe Investments

Investing in UK Family Properties’ means access to a reputable network of specialists, in the various parts of the property investment process. Experienced and skilled professionals are engaged through the entire investment process. Knowledgeable agents, established builders, experienced lawyers and accountants are all a part of the team. This makes the investment both profitable and safe.